Suitcase Wardrobe

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TIME FLIES and even though I am in New York for the Fashion Week I still share some pics from my Paris exploration. Love being on the go and living from a suitcase. It is like having perfectly edited wardrobe but at the same time knowing that unlimited options are waitig for you at home.

Keeping it short for tonite, the time diffrence and busy schedule justify my early bed time…

Wearing French Connection silk dress in pale pink, navy blue coat from All Saints, shoes from Venezia and hat from H&M


Are Limitations Settings As Free ? – Closet Dilemmas

DSC_2418style krunchDSC_2414DSC_2454WHEN TRAVELING (AND SINCE RECENTLY I DO TRY TO TRAVEL LIGHT*  ) isn’t it kind of liberating to have limited choices? or maybe even pre-planned  outfits for the nearest future? What are your thoughts?

* probably what I consider light is not light for everyone.

Coat All Saints, Scarf COS, Hat H&M, Bag Wittchen, Boots Venezia

Lesson In Layering

DSC_2256DSC_2255DSC_2276LOOKING AT THE LAST FEW YEARS I ALWAYS SEEM to end up in Paris during the coldest months of the year…so out of the necessity I mastered the chic layering. Two par of tights , over the knee socks two scarfs, two dresses and I am good to go. And since I am heading to NY in the February the layering ability may be proven the most useful surviving skills…no snow storm this year please…

Wearing: Coat All Saints, Scarf  Topshop, hat and gloves de Bijenkrof, over the knee socks H&M and Venezia shoes

Fairy Tail Windows In Paris

DSC_2178 DSC_2173 DSC_2174

DSC_2177 DSC_2179 DSC_2181 DSC_2182 DSC_2183 DSC_2184 DSC_2190 DSC_2193I SOMETIMES THINK that if not the fairy tail shopping windows, surviving grey winter in the city would be hardly possible. There is just few things that can keep me outdoors in the city ( winter sports that is a different story) and Christmas store decorations are on top of the list.  I took those photos over a year ago while visiting Paris in December….and realizing the size of my smile while freezing outside of  Galerie Lafayette,  made me think that we never grow up from playing with the dolls we just get a little bit less time to enjoy them  when we get older…



photo: Hanna Hachula

TWO THINGS ON MY MIND at the moment are…. harness jewelry and hats.

Even though we saw lots of leather harnesses on the runway I am not quite ready to wear them during the day ( but still considering) and prefer to go (for now at least) with more delicate, jewelry version. This one I got together with a good friend of mine who visited me while ago. It seems you can find nice things while you are getting lost ( if that is possible after living here 6 years).

The hats is completely different story for more than I year now I found that this is an essential in my closet. It just ads so much more femininity to the outfit and also allows to hide if you feel like being incognito once in a while. Watch out – if you decide to bike in a hat….in the best cas you may end up losing it and it the worse cause an accident,  as this beauty is really meant for walking and does not do well with the wind. Maybe one of you found the solution for this?

Boots All Saints, Sweater, Karen Millen, Top United Colors of Benetton, Coated leggings St. Tropez, Harness Just Female, hat Bijenkorf and bag ( which is the favorite of all of my bags) is from Wittchen.

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